Combustion Safety and Efficiency

Lesman is the Honeywell-authorized Combustion Solutions Distributor for industrial applications in Illinois and Northwest Indiana. This gives us the opportunity to bring you direct support for Honeywell flame safeguard and burner control systems. Several popular models of Honeywell burner controls are available from Lesman stock, and can be purchased online through our secure online store.

Does your current flame safety system fail because of sighting issues? Changing fuels? Or have you run into situations where typical commercial flame safety products just won't work? We're pleased to be able to provide you with Honeywell IRIS discriminating flame detection instrumentation. IRIS flame detectors have the distinct ability of being able to tune to an individual flame, even in multi-burner, multi-fuel applications and Class 1, Div 2 environments.

Fireye flame safeguard controls are compact, modular burner control management systems designed to provide automatic ignition and continuous flame monitoring for commercial-sized heating and process burners firing any type of fuel. We've worked with our partners at Fireye to simplify the selection process, so you can pick the modules you need for your application, and be sure you have all the elements necessary for a complete burner management system.

Burner Control Systems
Fireye BurnerLogix Integrated Burner Management System
Fireye Flame Monitor Series E110 Burner Control with Chassis
Fireye MicroM Flame Safeguard Burner Control System
Fireye MB600S Control Chassis for MB Industrial Multiburner Control System
Honeywell RA890 Protectorelay Electromechanical Primary Controls
Honeywell RM7840 Microprocessor Programming Controls
Honeywell RM7890 Microprocessor On-Off Primary Controls
Honeywell RM7895 Microprocessor On-Off Primary Controls with Pre-Purge Timing
Honeywell RM7898 Microprocessor Full Function Control with Purge Timing and Valve Proving
Honeywell S8610U3009 Intermittent Pilot Control
Kromschroder BCU 370 Burner Control Unit
Kromschroder IFS 110IM Automatic Burner Control Unit for Gas-Fired Burners
Kromschroder IFS 258 and IFD 258 Automatic Burner Control Units
Kromschroder IFW 15T-N Flame Relay for Multiburner Control Applications
Maxon SMARTFIRE® Intelligent Combustion Control System
Burner Control Plug-In Modules
Fireye Flame Amplifier Modules
Fireye Flame Monitor Series EP160 Programmer Module
Fireye Flame Monitor Series ED510 Display Module
Fireye MB-600PF and MBPF-100S Flame Sensor Modules for Industrial MB Multiburner Control System
Honeywell S7800A1142 Keyboard Display Module
Honeywell S7810B1007 Multidrop Switch Module
Honeywell S7820A1007 Remote Reset Module
Honeywell S7830A1005 First-Out Expanded Annunciator Panel
Honeywell ST7800A Pre-Purge Timer Cards
Combustion Efficiency Analyzers
Visit our partners at for Combustion Efficiency and Emissions Analyzers
Flame Detectors, Scanners, and Viewing Heads
Fireye UV1A Miniature Ultraviolet Discrete Flame Scanners
Fireye UV7 Discrete Ultraviolet Flame Scanners
Fireye 45UV5 Self-Checking Discrete Ultraviolet Flame Scanner
Fireye 48PT2 Lead Sulfide Discrete Flame Scanner
Fireye 55UV5 Self-Checking Ultraviolet Discrete Flame Scanner
Fireye Insight Type 95 Integrated Flame Scanner
Fireye Insight II 95DSS3 SIL-3 Certified Integrated Flame Scanner
Fireye Phoenix 85UVF Ultraviolet and 85IRF Infrared Integrated Flame Scanners
Fireye Simplicity 65UV5 Ultraviolet Integrated Flame Scanner
  Which Honeywell flame detector is right for your application?
Honeywell C7008 Rectification-Type Flame Detectors (Flame Rods)
Honeywell C7009 Rectification-Type Flame Detectors (Flame Rods)
Honeywell C7012 Purple Peeper® Ultraviolet Flame Detectors
Honeywell C7027 Minipeeper Ultraviolet Flame Detectors for 1/2" Sight Pipes
Honeywell C7035 Minipeeper Ultraviolet Flame Detectors for 1" Sight Pipes
Honeywell C7061 Self-Checking Ultraviolet Flame Detectors
Honeywell C7076 Adjustable Sensitivity Self-Checking Ultraviolet Flame Detectors
Honeywell IRIS S700 Aluminum Body Ultraviolet and Infrared Viewing Heads
Honeywell IRIS S800 Stainless Steel Ultraviolet and Infrared Viewing Heads
Honeywell IRIS S256 Watchdog III Ultraviolet Flare Stack Viewing Head with Digital Display
Honeywell IRIS S55xB Ultraviolet, Infrared, and UV-IR Combination Viewing Heads with Digital Display
Honeywell Q340A Thermocouples for Gas-Fired Pilot Flame Detection
Kromschroder UVS 10D2 Ultraviolet Flame Detector
Flame Amplifiers
Honeywell R78 Series Flame Amplifier Modules for RM7800 Burner Controls
Flame Signal Processors
Honeywell IRIS 700 Signal Processors for Single Burner Applications
Honeywell IRIS R800 Signal Processors for Single Burner Applications
Honeywell IRIS Watchdog P222 Signal Processor for Flare Stack Pilot Monitoring
Honeywell IRIS P522 Two Channel Signal Processors for Multiburner Applications
Honeywell IRIS P531 Three Channel Signal Processors for Multiburner Applications
Honeywell IRIS P532 Three Channel Signal Processors for Multiburner Applications
Fuel Air Ratio Control System
Honeywell ML7999 Universal Parallel-Positioning Valve Actuators
Honeywell Q7999A Field Wiring Subbase for R7999A ControLinks Controller
Honeywell R7999A ControLinks Fuel Air Ratio Controller
Honeywell S7999B ControLinks Touchscreen Configuration Display
Honeywell ZM7999A Windows-Based Controller Configuration Software
Maxon SMARTFIRE® Intelligent Combustion Control System
Industrial Burners
Maxon APX® Nozzle-Mix Line Burner
Maxon CROSSFIRE® Nozzle-Mix Low Emissions Line Burner
Maxon KINEDIZER® LE High Capacity Low NOx Gas Burner
Maxon KINEMAX® Medium Velocity Gas or Oil Burner
Maxon M-PAKT® Ultra Low Emission Natural Gas Low Temperature Burner
Maxon MEGAFIRE® Industrial Gas and Oil Burner
Maxon NP-LE AIRFLO® Low Emissions Line Burner
Maxon OPTIMA™ SLS Nozzle-Mixing Ultra Low Emissions Natural Gas Burner
Maxon OVENPAK® 400 Nozzle-Mixing Natural Gas Burner
Maxon OVENPAK LE® Low Emission High Performance Natural Gas Burner
Maxon Tube-O-Flame® Nozzle-Mixing Tube-Firing Gas Burner
Maxon Tube-O-Therm® Low Temperature Direct Firing Gas Burner
Maxon UNI-RAD® Gas-Fired Radiant Tube Burner System
Industrial Burner Pilots
Kromschroder ZAI Ionization Pilot for Natural Gas and Atmospheric Burners
Kromschroder ZKIH Ionization Pilot for Direct Ignition Burners
Kromschroder ZMI Ionization Pilot for Industrial Clean Gas Burners
Pressure Switches and Controls
Honeywell C6097 Pressure Limiting Switches
Honeywell L404 Pressuretrol® Pressure Controls
Honeywell P7810 Pressuretrol® Line Voltage Pressure Controllers
Kromschroder DG Pressure Switches for Air and Gas Pressure
Kromschroder DG VT Safety Limit Pressure Switches
Temperature Controls
Honeywell T675 Remote Bulb Temperature Controller
Honeywell T775 Electronic Remote Temperature Controller
Valves and Actuator Motors
A-T Controls FM Approved Ball Valves for Safety Shutoff Applications
Honeywell Modutrol IV Low Torque Actuator Motors
Honeywell V4055 On-Off Valve Actuators
Honeywell V5055 Industrial Gas Safety Shutoff Valves
Honeywell V51E Butterfly Firing Rate Gas Valves
Kromschroder BV Butterfly Valves for Gas Flow Rate Control
Kromschroder Valvario® VAS Combustion Gas Safety Shutoff Valves
Kromschroder IC20 and IC40 Programmable Valve Actuators
Maxon Actionair® Electropneumatic (Air-Actuated) Shutoff and Vent Valves for Gas or Oil
Maxon CV and BV Mechanical Flow Control and Balancing Valves
Maxon MICRO-RATIO® Mechanical Flow Control Valves
Maxon SYNCHRO A Mechanical Flow Control Valves
Maxon SMARTLINK® CV Intelligent Electronic Valve Actuator Assembly
Maxon SMARTLINK® MRV Intelligent Micro-Ratio Valve with Electronic Linkage
Maxon Series 4700 General Purpose Electromechanical Shutoff and Vent Valves
Maxon Series 5000 Electromechanical Safety Shutoff Valves for Gas or Oil
Maxon Series 8000 Electropneumatic (Air-Actuated) Safety Shutoff Valves for Gas or Oil
Maxon Series 6200 NI Non-Incendive Electromechanical Shutoff and Vent Valves
Honeywell IRIS RP532U1032 Plug-In Keypad and Programming Interface for RP531 Signal Processors
Honeywell IRIS FlameTools Configuration, Monitoring, and Diagnostics Software
Honeywell Q7800 Universal Wiring Subbase for RM7800 BurnerControls