Combustion Valves

We stock more than 3,000 different ASCO solenoid valves, repair kits, and replacement coils. What we don't stock, we can usually get from the factory within 5 working days! Need to find out which ASCO rebuild kits or replacement coils fit your solenoid valve? Try our ASCO Kits and Coils Selector.

Ball Valves
A-T Controls FM Approved Ball Valves for Safety Shutoff Applications
Marwin Valve CV4700 Series Fire Safe V-Port Ball Valves
Marwin Valve MS3000 Series Fire Safe Metal Seated High Performance Ball Valves
Firing Rate Control Valves
Honeywell V51E Butterfly Firing Rate Gas Valves
Flow Control Valves
Eclipse ALO Adjustable Orifice Gas Flow Control Valves
Eclipse BV-Pak Packaged Butterfly Valve and Actuator
Eclipse BV Hot-Air Butterfly Control Valves
Kromschroder BV Butterfly Valves for Gas Flow Rate Control
Kromschroder ValVario Modular Gas Valves
Maxon CV and BV Mechanical Flow Control and Balancing Valves
Maxon MICRO-RATIO® Mechanical Flow Control Valves
Maxon SYNCHRO A Mechanical Flow Control Valves
Maxon SMARTFIRE® Intelligent Combustion Control System
Maxon SMARTLINK® MRV Micro-Ratio Valve with Electronic Linkage
Maxon SMARTLINK® Meter Digital Self-Checking Thermal MassFlow Meter
Safety Shut-Off Valves (FM Approved)
A-T Controls FM Approved Ball Valves for Safety Shutoff Applications
Eclipse AutoTite 2000AT Automatic Gas Shutoff Valve
Eclipse Locktite 200LT Manual Reset Gas Shutoff Valve
Honeywell V5055 Industrial Gas Safety Shutoff Valves
Kromschroder Valvario® VAS Combustion Safety Shutoff Valves
Maxon Series 4700 General Purpose Electromechanical Shutoff and Vent Valves
Maxon Series 5000 Electromechanical Safety Shutoff Valves for Gas or Oil
Maxon Series 6200 NI Non-Incendive Electromechanical Shutoff and Vent Valves
Maxon Series 8000 Electropneumatic (Air-Actuated) Safety Shutoff Valves for Gas or Oil
Solenoid Valves for Combustion Systems
ASCO Valve 8030 Two-Way Low Pressure Solenoid Valves
ASCO Valve 8040 Two-Way Aluminum Body Valves (for 1/8" to 3/4" pipe sizes)
ASCO Valve 8210 Two-Way Brass and Stainless Steel Solenoid Valves
ASCO Valve 8214 Two-Way Aluminum Body Gas Safety Shutoff Valves
ASCO Valve 8215 Two-Way Aluminum Body Valves (for 1/2" to 3" pipe sizes)
ASCO Valve 8262 Two-Way Miniature Solenoid Valves
Kromschroder Valvario® VAS Safety Shutoff Solenoid Valves
Valve Positioners and Actuators
Eclipse Programmable Rotary Actuators
Honeywell V4055 On-Off Valve Actuators
Kromschroder Programmable Valve Actuators
Maxon SMARTLINK® CV Intelligent Electronic Valve Actuator Assembly
Maxon SMARTLINK® DS Heavy-Duty Quarter-Turn Intelligent Control Actuator
Siemens SIPART PS2 Electropneumatic Valve Positioner