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Phoenix Contact Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Data and Analog/Discrete I/O Modules

This Phoenix Contact integrated 900 MHz radio and I/O module is designed for bi-directional interfacing of data communication protocols plus analog and discrete signals, with the flexibility to add multiple channels of I/O to the configuration. The design is ideal for moving a number of signals within high-interference environments without costly cable and conduit runs.

Phoenix Contact wireless data products are proven to work with the following data communication protocols: Barton Scanner RTU, SixNet RTU, Honeywell UDC Modbus, Mercury instrument, HP48000, Halliburton, Daniels Industries Modbus, Omni Flow Computer, Allen-Bradley DF1, Foxboro Systronics, Bristol Babcock's BSAP, GE Fanuc's SMP, Modicon Modbus RTU and ASCII, Koyo/PLC Direct/Siemens PLC200's DirectNet, ABB Totalflow's PacketProtocol, Fisher-Rosemount ROC protocol (Enron, Teledyne Modbus), and Control Microsystems' TeleBUS for SCADAPack RTU.

Key Specifications

  • Two-way point-to-multipoint 900 MHz communications with Omnex Trusted Wireless technology
  • All-in-one master, slave and store-and-forward repeater/slave
  • GUI or dip-switch configuration
  • Supports up to eight expandable data protocol (Modbus or A-B DF1), analog and discrete I/O modules per transceiver
  • Remote diagnostics available via Port#2 on radios and GUI terminal window
  • Add choice of Phoenix Contact antennae and surge suppression/lightning protection, and cables as needed

Supporting Documentation
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Type Description Size
Lesman Catalog PDF Lesman Catalog Section: Wireless Instruments and Communications 3.7MB
Phoenix Contact PDF Phoenix Contact Integrated Two-Way Point-to-Multipoint Radio Data-Bus Datasheet 77KB
Phoenix Contact Analog and Discrete I/O Modules Datasheet Phoenix Contact Analog and Discrete I/O Modules Datasheet 116KB
Phoenix Contact PDF Phoenix Contact Data Radio and RADLink Software User Manual 7.3MB
Phoenix Contact ZIP Phoenix Contact RADLink Data Radio Configuration and Monitoring Software v3.24 4.2MB

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