Learn the Latest on Industrial Wireless Standards

Collecting data from remote locations, reducing installation and overall costs for process data collection, monitoring equipment health over the plant network, improving data quality, reducing maintenance and downtime:  All good reasons to consider implementing wireless technology in your plant. But where do you find the right wireless for your operation? What can the recent improvements in industrial wireless technology really do for you?

Learn about industrial wireless without ever leaving your desk.

Watch our previously recorded webinar, An Introduction to ISA100 Wireless Standards for Industrial Automation, from December 2009. The speaker, Honeywell's Dave Kaufman, is a board member of the ISA Wireless Compliance Institute.

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Can't wait for the webinars? Learn more now!

  • Watch the video: ISA100.11a Wireless Deployment Demonstration

    You do have the option to download the video and watch it offline.
    Please note: The video file is approximately 28.3MB, so it may take a while to download.
  • Read ISA's new whitepaper, ISA100: Wireless Systems for Industrial Automation (849K Adobe PDF)
  • Read more about the ISA-ready Honeywell OneWireless XYR6000 line of wireless transmitters

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