Maxon SMARTFIRE® Intelligent Combustion Control System

Maxon's SMARTFIRE® is an automated fuel/air ratio control system that provides precise thermal mass flow control of your critical burner systems. The flow control valve system is comprised of five components that integrate easily with a conventional burner management system and pipe train. SMARTFIRE® provides precise electronic control of air and fuel flow to the burner, maintaining emissions or fuel efficiency over the entire operating range of the burner. It automatically compensates for changes in combustion or process conditions with full cross-limited ratio control, ensuring a highly repeatable heat source. SMARTFIRE® valves provide real-time information about combustion and process system performance, as well as optional data logging and remote monitoring. In most installations, SMARTFIRE® contributes to reduced fuel bills, emissions compliance, and maximized uptime on critical industrial heating equipment.

Key Specifications

  • Plug 'n Play, turnkey system for easy installation and set-up
  • Rugged industrial design includes NEMA 4X enclosures, high torque actuators, and all-digital field device communications, ensuring reliable operation in harsh environments
  • Integrates easily with all burner management systems, reducing engineering costs in retrofit applications
  • Redundant system safety checks built into intelligent components, significantly reducing the risks associated with combustion system commissioning and maintenance neglect
  • FM and CSA approved; Meets requirements for European electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and low voltage directives

Supporting Documentation
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Type Description Size
Maxon Valve PDF Maxon Valves Application Datasheet 62KB
Maxon Smartfire PDF Maxon SMARTFIRE® Intelligent Combustion Control System Brochure 31KB
Maxon Smartfire PDF Maxon SMARTFIRE® Intelligent Combustion Control System Specifications 746KB
Maxon Smartfire PDF Maxon SMARTFIRE® Intelligent Combustion Control System Installation and Operations Manual 399KB

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