Steriflow Mark 95 Sanitary Back Pressure Regulator

Steriflow's Mark 95 regulator operates by sensing the inlet pressure, or back pressure, beneath the diaphragm, as flow enters from inlet port on the side. As the back pressure exceeds the setpoint, the diaphragm force compresses the range spring permitting the stem to move from the seat toward the open position. As the flow increases, the back pressure is relieved and the spring and diaphragm relax, allowing the stem to return to the normally closed position.

The MK95 is suitable for a variety of process and clean utility applications including: continuous circuit WFI pump deadhead diversion, bioreactor agitator seal pressure maintenance, large volume fill back pressure release, and zero dead leg pressure relief.

Key Specifications

  • 316L stainless steel spring housing, 100% ASTM A479 316L body and trim
  • Clean-in-place, Steam-in-place dome with spring arrangement
  • Self-draining with no threads to disassemble for cleaning
  • No guiding surfaces in the fluid, eliminates metal-to-metal particulate generation
  • ANSI Class III hard seat or Class VI soft seat for shutoff
  • SF5 20 Ra electropolished standard internal finish; 8 Ra optional for clean room installations
  • Lifetime warranty on Jorlon diaphragm