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Marwin Valve 3T-3100/3L-3200 Three Way Brass Ball Valve

The Marwin 3T-3100/3L-3200 Series is a three way, 3" brass ball valve with full port construction and NPT ends. The Marwin 3T-3100/3L-3200 has a 87 psi WOG pressure rating and can operate in temperature up to 344°F.

Key Specifications

  • WSP: 100 psi steam
  • High integrity hot forged brass body
  • Bottom entry port orientation
  • Blow-out proof stem
  • PTFE seats, O-ring stem seals
  • 100% tested
  • Locking lever operator

Supporting Documentation
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    • Marwin 3T3100/3L3200 ds
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    • Marwin 3T-3100/3L-3200 Three Way Brass Ball Valve Specification Datasheet
    • Marwin 3T3100/3L3200 I&M
    • 92.8 KB
    • Marwin 3T-3100/3L-3200 Brass Ball Valve Installation and Maintenance Guide