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Lowflow Mark 8000 Globe-Style Pneumatic Fractional Flow Control Valve

Lowflow's Mark 8000 is a family of heavy-duty control valves specifically designed for process applications requiring full flow or fractional flow control. Available in a wide selection of body sizes and styles, this valve can be configured in two-way or three-way designs, for diverting or mixing service, and with globe or angle valve style seats. It can be ordered with a bellows stem seal, with an extended bonnet extension for cryogenic use to -425°F, or with an electric actuator.

The Mark 8000 Series valve subassembly is manufactured completely from barstock, which combined with the standard heavy duty yoke and actuator, gives the valve the ability to handle pressure up to 6000 PSI, while still being able to offer Cvs ranging from 0.05 to 17.

Key Specifications

  • Heavy-duty barstock construction for pressures up to 6000 PSI
  • Ideal for corrosive or harsh process environments
  • Globe design to 2" angle pattern to 1"
  • In-line maintainable for quick, easy trim repairs
  • ANSI shutoff Class III for Cv <3.5, Class IV for Cv 3.5 or higher