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Jordan Valve Mark V1C Cage-Guided Heavy Duty Control Valve

This product is retired and no longer available from the manufacturer.

Jordan Valve's Mark V1C cage-guided, balanced trim control valve offers high pressure and tight shutoff with standard spring/diaphragm actuators. The balanced cage trim design lets this valve handle differential pressures up to 1480 PSI through the 6" size.

The cavitation control cage divides the flow stream into multiple smaller streams with less energy. Used as "flow into the cage" on liquid service to dissipate the energy between the cavitating liquid and the metal valve parts. Used as "flow out of cage" on gas/steam service to redistribute acoustical energy with resultant noise attenulation.

Key Specifications

  • Balanced trim design for high differential pressures, proportioning control and high rangeability
  • Easy-to-remove yoke and actuator for in-line maintenance and trim changes without removing the valve body from the service line
  • Cavitation control trim reduces damage to the valve and attached equipment in cavitating liquid service, less noise in gas service
  • Carbon steel or stainless steel body standard, Teflon packing
  • Available with on/off actuator and HART®-compatible positioner