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Jordan Valve Mark EZ Globe Style Control Valve

Jordan Valve's Mark EZ valves are globe style with integral end connections, post guiding, and quick-change trim. Typical applications include chemical or hydrocarbon processing, or those that require control of viscous, non-lubricating, or hard-to-handle fluids.

Available in 1" to 4" sizes, with ANSI Class IV, V, and VI shutoff, and with noise-abatement or anti-cavitation trim.

Key Specifications

  • Characterized flow options: equal percentage, linear, and quick opening
  • Available in a variety of body and trim materials, to fit a variety of applications
  • Anti-cavitation trim reduces damage to the valve and attached equipment in cavitating liquid service; Noise abatement trim reduces noise by up to 35 dB in gas service applications
  • Easy-to-remove yoke and actuator for in-line maintenanace and trim changes without removing the valve body from the service line
  • Sour service capability with optional NACE MRO164/ISO 15156-2009
  • ANSI tight shutoff