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Jordan Valve Mark 80 Self-Operating Sliding Gate Temperature Regulator

Jordan Valve's Mark 80 temperature regulator has the signature straight-through flow, short stroke that is a third of a globe-style valve, quiet operation and tight shutoff. The Mark 80 has high rangebility and extremely accurate regulation.

Jordan Valve’s unique Seal Welded Actuator (SWA), used with Jordan's sliding gate seat, provides exceptional accuracy and long life in a direct operated industrial temperature regulator. The Jordan Valve Mark 80 is the most accurate and durable industrial temperature regulator available in the market today.

Key Specifications

  • For tank heating, heat exchangers, steam tracing, air drying products, steam drain cooling, and regulating cooling fluids
  • Temperature ranges from -20° to 450°F
  • High rangeability: Controls flows from 10% to 90% of rated capacity
  • Available with capillaries up to 100 feet in length
  • Sliding gate seats provide straight-through flow for reduced turbulence and quiet operation; Short stroke for fast response and accurate regulation
  • Easy to change Cv as needed
  • Sealed actuator with stainless steel diaphragm, no bellows needed
  • ANSI Class IV tight shutoff