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Jordan Valve Mark 78 Globe-Style Pneumatic Diaphragm Control Valve

Jordan Valve's Mark 78 pneumatic control valve is designed for accurate performance and simplified maintenance. Threaded, welded, or flanged ends complete a truly versatile valve that covers a wide variety of applications from utility steam to process gases or corrosive/viscous liquids.

The Mark 78 uses a cage-retained seat design with an unbalanced plug. Seats lift out of the valve body from the top entry cage for quick access and easy maintenance.

Key Specifications

  • Can be used on viscous/corrosive liquids, process gases, or utility steam
  • Top entry cage and lift-out seats for easy in-line maintenance
  • Available in line sizes from 1/2" to 2"
  • Characterized flow options including linear, equal percentage, quick-opening, or an equal-linear combination
  • High capacity service: Cv up to 60 on 2" valves
  • ANSI Class IV shutoff standard; Available with soft seat for ANSI Class VI use