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Jordan Valve Mark 75 Sliding Gate Wafer-Style Pneumatic Control Valve

Jordan Valve's Mark 75 wafer-style control valve is designed to provide you advantages in pricing, weight, capacity, and ease of maintenance. The wafer-style body reduces the amount of metal needed to make the valve, so it costs less.With a lighter weight valve, you spend less time and money on installation and support. No lifts needed for installation.

The combination wafer-style body and sliding gate for control provides an operating Cv range from 8 to 600. And its T-slot design and 180° rotation means easier reversing of function and simple change of actuation.

Key Specifications

  • Sliding gate design for tighter control and metering accuracy
  • Wafer design virtually eliminates body wear issues caused by steam, flashing, and cavitation
  • Turndown ration capability of 100:1
  • Available with side-mount HART® positioner
  • ANSI Class IV shutoff
  • Available in 1" to 8" body sizes, 600 max linear Cv