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Jordan Valve Mark 67 Pilot-Operated Sliding Gate Pressure Regulator

Jordan Valve's Mark 67 regulator is ideal for critical pressure reducing applications. It provides greater accuracy and lower offset than can be achieved with a self-operated regulator. The Mark 67 regulator combines the short stroke of the sliding gate with the action of a pilot valve to create a faster, more accurate (meaning less droop as your flow increases) response. This allows for higher accuracy in a self-contained valve when control systems are not an option. The

Mark 67 is also available with differential pilot for services where a constant differential must be maintained between two fluids, used for atomizing steam and oil for combustion on oil burners where a constant differential between the steam and oil must be maintained.

Key Specifications

  • Line sizes from 1/2" to 6"
  • Threaded, ANSI flange, or DIN flange connections available
  • Controls pressure of gaseous oxygen to steel mill furnaces, sealing oil in turbines, and steam mains and distribution lines
  • Sliding gate seats for straight-through flow, low turbulence, quiet operation, fast response, and tight (ANSI Class IV) shutoff
  • Plug-style pilot valves for pressure settings ranging from 10 to 200 PSI