Jordan Valve Mark 64 Extra-Sensitive Differential Pressure Regulator

The Jordan Valve Mark 64 is designed to maintain a constant differential between the pressure on the discharge side of the regulator and the signal pressure loaded on the diaphragm. The Mark 64 provides the same flow capacity as the Mark 63, but with less offset in controlled pressure due to a larger diaphragm to allow for extra sensitivity.

Key Specifications

  • For steam, oil, gas, air, chemicals, and water
  • Sizes: 1/4" to 3/4"
  • Cvs up to 30 (25,8 Kv)
  • Setpoints: 1 to 450 psi
  • ANSI Class IV shutoff
  • Larger diaphragm provides extra sensitivity

Supporting Documentation
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    • Jordan Valve Mark 64 Extra Sensitive Differential Pressure Regulator Specification Datasheet
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    • Jordan Valve Mark 64 Differential Pressure Regulator Specification Datasheet