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Jordan Valve Mark 601 High Flow Self-Operated Pressure Regulator

The Jordan Valve Mark 601 is part of the Mark 60 Series of pressure regulating valves. These pressure regulators have a straight-through flow, short stroke one third that of a globe-style valve, quiet operation, and tight shutoff. The proprietary Jorcote seat material is extremely hard with a low friction coefficient, resulting in outstanding performance. The Mark 601 is used for applications that reqire a higher Cv rating without using a larger valve.

Key Specifications

  • Sizes: 1-1/2" and 2"
  • Cvs up to 50
  • Setpoints: 20 to 160 PSI
  • ANSI Class IV shutoff
  • Under 300 psi air, pump surpasses 1,000,000 full stroke cycles without failure
  • Fast response to changes in process conditions for less offset in pressure
  • Sliding gate trim seat design provides unsurpassed trim life and accuracy
  • Jorcote seat coating allows product to have a temperature rating up to 550°F

Supporting Documentation
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