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Jordan Valve Mark 688 Piloted Soft Seat Tank Blanketing Pressure Regulator

The Mark 688 regulator is designed specifically to provide accurate pressure control on very low pressure tank blanketing systems. The pilot-operated Mark 688 responds to very small changes in tank pressure by throttling open or closed to maintain the desired pressure setpoint.

The Mark 688 combines three proven Jordan Valve products into a single assembly: a Mark 68G pressure conditioning regulator, a Mark 608P pilot valve, and a Mark 78 globe-style diaphragm control valve.

Key Specifications

  • Accurate pressure regulation down to 1" WC
  • Available sizes: 1", 1.5", and 2"
  • Flow coefficient (Cv): 17 to 45
  • 200 PSI maximum inlet pressure
  • ANSI Class VI shutoff