Hex Valve HM58 Flanged Two-Valve Level Manifold

Hex Valve's HM58 two-valve level manifold is a simplified, lower cost alternative to differential pressure level installations — eliminating the need for tubing, fittings, and instrument pipe stands.

With its stainless steel universal design (shown at left), the HM58 can be used for vented or closed tank, bottom or side-mount installations, or for tank top-mounted bubbler installations. A standard threaded model is also available in either carbon and stainless steel.

Key Specifications

  • Minimizes installation time
  • Exceeds 100 ppm EPA 1998 VOC emissions standard
  • Purge ports eliminate requirement for signal line tubing, tees, or fittings to purge media
  • Universal flanged inlet/outlet or threaded inlet/flanged outlet available
  • Integral or TFE soft seat, with TFE or Graphite packing

Supporting Documentation
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