Hex Valve HM50 Flanged Static Pressure Two Valve Manifold

Hex Valve's HM50 is a single flanged static pressure manifold that incorporates a primary block valve, a bleed valve, and secondary shutoff and bleed valves into a single unit. The second set of valves allows a gauge or transmitter to be removed or bled without the need for additional valving. The HM50 can be installed quickly and the technician can remove the transmitter for service without disassembling the associated piping.

Key Specifications

  • Available in carbon or stainless steel, hard seat (6000 psi) or soft seat (3000 psi) configurations
  • Threaded inlet, flanged outlet — bolt the transmitter directly to the manifold
  • Fully backseated bonnets prevent accidental stem removal and blowout

Supporting Documentation
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