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Hex Valve HGVS Gauge Syphon for Steam and Heat-Transfer Media

Hex Valve’s HGVS gauge syphon acts as a thermal and liquid seal barrier between hot process vapors and the gauge pressure instrument. The HGVS provides maximum instrument protection in half the space of the traditional pigtail syphon.

Using a syphon with a smaller radius minimizes the weight and deflection stress at the primary valve, which should help decrease problems associated with system vibration. The HGVS has fewer threaded connections and leak points than other syphons and comes with an integral shutoff valve.

Key Specifications

  • Reduces installation radius by up to 65% over conventional pigtail syphons
  • Decreases system vibration issues; minimizes deflection stress at primary valve or gauge connection
  • Provides constant thermal barrier for high process temperature or freeze-up conditions
  • Minimizes potential leak points by reducing number of threaded connections from four to two
  • Carbon steel or stainless steel body, integral seat, Graphite or TFE packing

Supporting Documentation
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