Hex Valve HS31 Sample and Tank Bottom Drain Valve

The Hex Valve HS31 lets you easily extract a fresh sample while providing a tight shutoff at high pressure and temperatures. The HS31 can be used for difficult fluid sampling applications in viscous liquids, slurries and other products that solidify when cooled or exposed to the atmosphere.

With two outlet ports standard, you can thread a sample cylinder, tube fitting,or piping into one, and attach a check valve, bleed valve, cleanout or purging connection to the other.

Key Specifications

  • Reciprocating stem
  • Two outlet ports standard
  • Standard configurations in carbon stel or stainless steel with integral or seat and TFE or Graphite packing
  • Also available in barstock Monel, Alloy 20, Hastelloy B or C materials

Supporting Documentation
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