Hex Valve HG65 Orifice Block Valve

Hex Valve's HG65 orifice block valve designed for compact side-by-side mounting. It is commonly used on standard orifice flanges, condensate chambers, mercury traps, and seal traps in light hydrocarbons or utility service. HG65 can also be used for impulse line connections, pressure gauges or level gauge mounting.

The HG65 reduces potential leakage and costs by reducing the number of threaded connections (leak points), and lower installation costs and time by replacing the conventional arrangement of gate valves, nipples, and tees with one easy-to-install assembly.

Key Specifications

  • Compact side-by-side mounting on standard orifice flanges, great for tight installations
  • Non-rotating tip stem, two outlet ports
  • VOC Emissions Compliance: TFE-Chevron and high-temp Grafoil packing are certified to beat the 100 ppm EPA 1998 emission standards — no special bonnet needed
  • Ideal for light hydrocarbons or utility service

Supporting Documentation
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