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Hex Valve HG35 Gauge Valve

Hex Valve's HG35 is a gauge valve that can have male or female inlet, outlet and integral vent valves. It is available with integral hard seats, 316 stainless steel and 316-NACE stainless steel body and trim with Teflon or graphite packing.

The HG35 meets the application requirement for a block and bleed valve without the need for a close nipple when connecting to a female port on a gauge pressure transmitter. The male outlet connection provides one less threaded connection, meaning one less potential leak point.

Key Specifications

  • Rated for use to 6000 psig at 450°F
  • Combines two valves in one to reduce leak points
  • Non-rotating tip provides tight, repeatable shutoff without galling or cross-scoring that occurs in ball-type stems

Supporting Documentation
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