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Hex Valve HB50 and HB51 Block and Bleed Valves

With a gauge or transmitter threaded into its outlet, the Hex Valve HB50 will allow pressure to be bled or blocked for easy instrument removal. The discharge tube lets the technician direct the high pressure fluid away from himself before changing the instrument.

The HB50 and HB51 combine two functions in one valve to save space. They can be threaded into a primary block valve, like the Hex HG46 for secondary block and bleed functions on multiple instrument applications. HB50 is a fully packed and backseated block valve with a bleed valve, discharge tube, and stem stop. The HB51 uses a bleed screw instead of a bleed valve.

Key Specifications

  • Available in carbon steel or stainless steel constructions
  • Integral metal seat with TFE or Graphite packing; Soft seat optional on HB50 models
  • Non-rotating tip eliminates seat galling and provides bubble-tight shutoff
  • Packing below the thread prevents lubricant washout and corrosion

Supporting Documentation
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