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Siemens SITRANS FM MagFlo Transmitter Electronics

Siemens SITRANS MAG 5000 is the truly robust flow transmitter for all-around applications. MAG 6000 is for the more demanding applications, where higher accuracy and greater functionality is required.

MAG 6000I (Industry) features a full-metal housing for use in harsh industrial environments, comes with ATEX EEX d approval, and HART®, Profibus PA communications. MAG 6000I is available with FM Class 1, Div 1, Groups A-D, and FM Class 1, Zone 1 approvals.

Key Specifications

  • Modular pulsed DC magnetic flowmeters
  • Integral or remote installation
  • Self-diagnostics for error detection and logging
  • User-configurable operation men with password protection
  • One digital input, one output type each: current, pulse/frequency, and relay
  • Communications options: HART® (all versions), Profibus PA (6000/6000I Ex d), Profibus DP and Modbus RTU (All 6000s)
  • SENSORPROM module stores calibration data, user setup and programming, sensor information and identification
  • See the SITRANS FM MagFlo main page for sensor options

Model Selection Guide

Use this table to find the right model for your application.  Don't see the option you need? Call a Lesman sales specialist at 800-953-7626

Description Catalog Number
Mag 5000 Transmitters; Max. Measuring Error: 0.5% Flow Rate
Integral Mount, 115-230 VAC
Integral Mount, 11-30 VDC 11-24 VAC
Integral Mount, No Display, 115-230 VAC
Integral Mount, HART®, 115-230 VAC
Rack Mount, 115-230 VAC
Mag 6000 Transmitters; Max. Measuring Error: 0.25% Flow Rate
Integral Mount, 115-230 VAC
Integral Mount, 11-30 VDC 11-24 VAC
Rack Mount, IP20/NEMA 2, 115-230 VAC
IP66/NEMA 4 ABS Plastic, 115-230 VAC
Mag 6000i Transmitter; Max. Measuring Error: 0.25% Flow Rate
Remote Mount IP67/NEMA 4X Aluminum Enclosure 10-220VDC/AC  7ME6930-2BA20-1AA2
Mounting Kits and Hardware
Wall Mount Junction Box IP67/NEMA 4X/6
Submersible Kit for Terminal Box, for IP68, 10m w.g. Rating
21TE Panel Mount Kit for 19" Insert IP65/NEMA4 ABS Plastic Enclosure
21TE Back Panel Mount Kit for 19" Insert IP20/NEMA 2 Aluminum Enclosure
Polyamide Terminal Box with Lid for Field-Mount MagFlo Sensors
Interconnect Cables (Price/foot, two lengths required per installation)
Standard Interconnect Cable
Interconnect Cable for Empty Pipe
Plug-In Communications Modules for Mag 6000 Electronics
Mag6000 HART Module
Mag 6000i HART Module
Mag 6000 Modbus RTU/RS485 Module
Spare Parts and Accessories
Mag 5000/Mag 6000 Sensorprom 2KB
Mag 5000/Mag 6000 Display Unit
Sun Shield for Remote-Mount Polyamide Covers
Sun Shield for Integral Polyamide Covers
MagFlo Verificator
Verificator Kit (With Software and Adapters) FDK:083F5061

** Choose two standard cables or one standard and one empty pipe cable. Both are PVC jacket,
     three-conductor with an overall braided shield.


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