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WIKA UPT-20 and UPT-21 Universal Process Transmitter with Digital Display

WIKA's new UPT-2X process transmitter has been developed for applications that require integrated temperature compensation and an intelligent sensor. It can be used with its standard 4-20 mA two-wire output, or with the optional HART® 7 communications protocol. The programmable, rotatable LCD display features 4-1/2 digits, a round bargraph, plus operating state symbols, and can be read at a distance up to 16 feet away.

The intrinsically safe version of the transmitter is particularly well suited for use in chemical plants and hazardous areas. The flush diaphragm UPT-21 fits the requirements of hygienic, pharmaceutical, and food industry applications.

Key Specifications

  • Ranges: Vacuum/compound: -14.5 to 0 to -14.5 to 300 PSI; Gauge pressure: 0-10 PSI to 0-10000 PSI; Absolute pressure: 0-30 PSIA to 0-500 PSIA
  • Standard 4-20 mA two-wire output; HART® v7 communications optional
  • Accuracy to ±0.15% span, non-repeatability to ±0.1% span
  • 20:1 adjustable turndown ratio
  • Multifunction 4-1/2-digit LCD display with simple menu navigation, radial bargraph, and symbols for operating state
  • 330° rotatable case with 90°-step mounted display for easy reading in any mounting position, even at distances up to 16 feet
  • 1/2" NPT threaded pressure port (UPT-20) or flush diaphragm (UPT-21)
  • All-stainless wetted parts

Supporting Documentation
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Type Description Size
Lesman Catalog Section: Pressure Transmitters Lesman Catalog Section: Pressure Transmitters 1.3MB
WIKA process transmitters brochure WIKA Process Transmitters Brochure 3.1MB
WIKA UPT20 and UPT21 process transmitters specification datasheet WIKA UPT20 and UPT21 Process Transmitters Specification Datasheet 721KB
WIKA UPT20 and UPT21 process transmitters operations manual WIKA UPT20 and UPT21 Process Transmitters Operations Manual 1.5MB

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