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WIKA Tronic S-10 and S-11 Standard Industrial Grade Pressure Transducers

WIKA S-10 and S-11 pressure transmitter fit most industrial pressure measurement applications. Their NEMA 6P/IP68 stainless case and stainless steel measuring cell give the S-10 and S-11 improved media compatibility and long term reliability.

The S-10 comes with a standard threaded connection. For measuring viscous fluids or media with solids that can clog an NPT connection, choose the flush diaphragm S-11 model.

Key Specifications

  • Pressure ranges from 50" WC to 15000 PSI (S-10) or 8000 PSI (S-11)
  • Standard ranges available from Lesman stock
  • 4-20 mA 2-wire output signal standard, others available
  • All stainless steel case and wetted parts for media compatibility
  • Resistant to pressure spikes and vibration
  • Accuracy ≤0.25% full scale
  • Applications in hydraulics and pneumatics, test equipment, pump and compressor control, and liquid level measurement

Supporting Documentation
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Type Description Size
Lesman Catalog Section: Pressure Transmitters Lesman Catalog Section: Pressure Transmitters 1.3MB
WIKA Tronic short-form catalog WIKA Tronic Line Short-Form Catalog 1.6MB
WIKA S-10 Pressure Transmitter Specification Datasheet WIKA S-10 and S-11 Pressure Transmitter Specification Datasheet 284KB
WIKA S-10 Pressure Transmitter Installation Manual WIKA S-10 and S-11 Pressure Transmitter Operation Manual 292KB

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