Rotronic HF5 Industrial Analog and Digital Humidity/Temperature Transmitters

The Rotronic HF5 is a humidity transmitter that measures humidity and temperature, and calculates dew point. It can also calculate psychrometric parameters in high accuracy, repeatability and reliability applications. These transmitters are designed for fixed installation in HVAC and industrial applications and come in three versions: duct, wall and cable.

The HF5 series uses plug-in HydroClip 2 probes, so the measuring range will vary depending on the model of the probe. HydroClip 2 probes feature durable sensors, consistent performance and can be used interchangeably to facilitate routine calibrations.

The HF5 transmitters are available in many configurations and have extensive settings and functions that can be configured with the ROTRONIC HW4 software. These transmitters are commonly used in the food, pharmaceutical, printing and paper industries, or for use in meteorology, agriculture, archaeology and climatology.

Key Specifications

  • Measurements: temperature, humidity, dew point, other psychrometric calculations
  • Wide choice of interchangeable probes
  • Low voltage and AC power versions
  • Scalable analog signals
  • Various digital outputs available
  • Metal or plastic housing option

Supporting Documentation
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