Wahl Temp-Plate® Adhesive Recording Labels

Where exacting temperature is critical, the Temp-Plate's small size permits installation on parts and in areas where other recording instruments are impractical. Temp-Plates provide a continuous monitor for overheating, and do not distort the temperature of the item being measured.

Key Specifications

  • Self-Adhesive Installation on Most Surfaces
  • Heat-Sensitive Indicator Positions Turn Permanently Black when Rated Temperature Points Are Reached
  • Calibrated to 1% NIST-Traceable Accuracy for 80° to 110°F (27° to 593°C)
  • High-Visibility Graphics Ensure Easy, Quick, Positive Readings
  • Resistant to Solvents, Fuels, Grease, Oil, Water, and Steam
  • Continuous Monitoring: No Interruptions from Power Failure or Dead Batteries
  • Wide Selection of Temperature Ranges and Sizes

Specifications, Manuals, and Supporting Literature

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Model Selection Guide

Use this table to find the right model for your application.  Don't see the option you need? Call a Lesman sales specialist at 800-953-7626

A complete catalog number will look like this: 240-120F
Description Size and Range Catalog Number Availability
Wahl Temp-Plate Number 240
0.75" x 1.75"
90°-500° F
32°-260° C
MINI Temp-Plate
Wahl Temp-Plate Number 101
0.38" x 0.82"
100°-500° F
37°-260° C
MINI Temp-Plate Round
Wahl Temp-Plate Number 101
0.56" Diameter
100°-350° F
37°-176° C
°F Positions Suffix °C Positions Suffix      
90-95-100-105 -091F 32-35-37-41 -033C a    
100-120-140-160 -101F 37-48-60-71 -038C
110-120-130-140 -110F 43-48-54-60 -043C
120-140-160-180 -120F 48-60-71-82 -048C
140-160-180-200 -140F 60-71-82-93 -060C
140-180-220-260 -141F 60-82-104-126 -061C
150-160-170-180 -150F  65-71-76-82 -065C
150-200-250-300 -151F 65-93-121-148 -066C
160-170-180-190 -161F 71-76-82-87 -072C
160-180-200-220 -160F 71-82-93-104 -071C
180-200-230-250 -180F 82-93-110-121 -082C
200-210-220-230 -200F 93-98-104-110 -093C
200-250-300-350 -202F 93-121-148-176 -095C
220-250-280-310 -220F N/A    
250-260-270-280 -250F 121-126-132-137 -121C
280-300-320-340 -280F 137-148-160-171 -137C
310-320-330-340 -310F 154-160-165-171 -154C
350-360-370-380 -350F 176-182-187-193 -176C
360-380-400-420 -360F 182-193-204-215 -182C  
390-400-410-420 -390F 198-204-210-215 -198C  
435-450-465-490 -435F 223-232-240-254 -223C  
a Available in a minimum of five-box order only.


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