Ametek Land SOLOnet Web-Ready Infrared Thermometer

SOLOnet can be used in stand-alone, single point or multipoint installations with individual remotely-adjustable sub-temperature ranges, current outputs, emissivity, or non-grayness compensation and user-defined alarm settings.

The measurement span can be selected anywhere within the thermometer range, with a minimum span of 90°F. Choice of built-in peak picker, track and hold, or averager signal processing functions ensures accurate measurement in complex processes.

Key Specifications

  • Sapphire protection window is unaffected by high temperatures and damage from sparks
  • Laser targeting for accurate spot measurements — know exactly what you're measuring at the touch of a button
  • Field-adjustable focal length — four distances in one unit. No need to recalibrate or replace when your application changes
  • Measuring ranges from 392° to 3812°F
  • Survives harsh environments and ambient temperatures to 158°F with no added cooling requirement
  • Protection assemblies available for air and water cooling in ambient temperatures to 250°F or for extreme radiant heat
  • Rugged aluminum housing IP65, NEMA 4X
  • Note: Please address orders to "Ametek Land Inc, c/o Lesman Instrument Company"

Supporting Documentation
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Type Description Size
Lesman temperature catalog PDF Lesman Catalog Section: Temperature Sensors and Transmitters 2.47MB
Ametek Land App Datasheet PDF Ametek Land Application Datasheet for Infrared Thermometry 68KB
Ametek Land Solonet PDF Ametek Land SOLOnet Infrared Thermometer Brochure 589KB
Ametek Land Solonet PDF Ametek Land SOLOnet Infrared Thermometer Installation Guide 910KB
Ametek Land Solonet PDF Ametek Land SOLOnet Infrared Thermometer Mounting and Accessories Installation Guide 716KB
Ametek Land Solonet manual PDF Ametek Land SOLOnet Infrared Thermometer User Manual 3.7MB

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