Ametek Land Landscan LSP-HD Infrared Linescanner

The latest infrared linescanners from Ametek Land improve on their industry-leading Landscan LSP series. The new high resolution user-focusable optical system allows you to detect small temperature differences across the width of the product, for optimal product quality and improved process control.

The IP65/NEMA4 Ametek Land Landscan LSP-HD is designed for use in harsh industrial environments and ambient temperatures to 302°F (150°C). With only one cable to connect, installation time, cost, and difficulty is reduced significantly.

Key Specifications

  • Faster infrared linescanner scans up to 1000 samples per scan line at speeds to 150Hz max. Nearly four times the competitors' capacity at the same speed!
  • 12 different scanner heads available, with adjustable or fixed focus, and temperature ranges from 20° to 250°C (68° to 482°F) to 700° to 1500°C (1292° to 2732°F)
  • Built-in Power-over-Ethernet (IEEE 802.3at PoE) technology means all electrical connections on the scanner head are made with a single Ethernet M12 connector
  • Scanner head now operates without a PC. Internally processes up to 14 control zones with alarms; Transfers alarms via TCP/IP, or as analog signals (with the LSP-HD I/O signal processor)
  • A single LSP-HD I/O processor supports up to eight measuring heads
  • Note: Please address orders to "Ametek Land Inc, c/o Lesman Instrument Company"

Specifications, Manuals, and Supporting Literature

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Model Selection Guide

Compare Landscan LSP-HD Scanner Heads

Model HD 20 HD 21 HD 22 HD 10 HD 11 HD 60 HD 71 HD 61 HD 62 HD 50 HD 5FL HD 52
Range °C
200 to 850300 to 1000 400 to 1200600 to 1400 700 to 150020 to 250 50 to 35050 to 400 100 to 600 150 to 750 500 to 1100
Range °F
392 to 1562572 to 1832 752 to 21921112 to 2552 1292 to 2732 68 to 482 122 to 662122 to 752 212 to 1112 302 to 1382 932 to 2012
Wavelength2.2 μm 1.9 μm 1 μm3 to 5 μm 3.4 μm nominal 3 to 5 μm 3 to 4.2 μm 5 μm nominal
Measuring Accuracy
(5% to 95% Range)
±2°C/±3.6°F ±3°C/
±2°C/±3.6°F ±3°C/
Speed of Response≤1.5 μs ≤1 μs ≤10 μs≤5 μs
Field of View (Static
to 95% Radiance)
300:1 500:1 12mm/0.5" at <1200mm, 100:1 at >1200mm
Field of View (Static
to 50% Radiance)
1034:1 1118:1 12mm/0.5" at <1200mm, 300:1 at >1200mm
FocusAdjustable, 1 m (39.7") to infinity focus distanceFixed, 1200 mm (47.2") focus distance


Landscan LSP-HD systems are available with the following accessories. See the system specifications document for individual descriptions and specifications, or call Lesman for assistance.

  • Standard mounting plates and brackets
  • Water-cooled mounting plates and systems
  • Light and heavy industrial housings
  • Floatline mounts with Land's scanner protection system
  • Power supplies and service panels
  • 15m and 50m low temperature and high temperature cables
  • Blower assemblies, blower covers, and air pre-filters


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