WIKA TI.32 and TI.52 Series 3" and 5" Dial Adjustable Angle Industrial Bimetal Thermometers

WIKA's TI.32 and TI.52 bimetal thermometers feature a convenient all-angle swivel connection, making them ideal for almost any industrial application.

The hermetically sealed stainless steel case keeps the transmitters from being damaged or fogged up by weather and dust. The WIKA TI.32 and TI.52 also offer an external reset adjustment, stainless steel connection, single or dual scales, and a choice of various stem lengths up to 72". 

Key Specifications

  • TI.32 features a 3" dial, TI.52 features a 5" dial
  • Accuracy: ±1.0% full scale value (ASME B40.3)
  • Ranges: -100° to 1000°F
  • Stem lengths available from 2.5" to 72"
  • 7-year warrantee offered with purchase

Supporting Documentation
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Type Description Size
Lesman Catalog Section: Thermometers Lesman Catalog Section: Thermometers 1.4MB
WIKA Tronic TI.32 3 in Bimetal Thermometer Specification Datasheet WIKA Tronic TI.32 3" Bimetal Thermometer Specification Datasheet 175KB
WIKA Tronic TI.52 5 in Bimetal Thermometer Specification Datasheet WIKA Tronic TI.52 5" Bimetal Thermometer Specification Datasheet 178KB

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