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United Electric (UE) Spectra 12 Temperature Switches with Bulb and Capillary System

United Electric 12 Series hazardous location switches are ideal for operation in tough applications where space is at a premium. A Belleville spring assembly provides vibration resistance and prolonged switch life. Its small conical washer transfers motion to a hermetically sealed 1 or 5 amp microswitch. The Belleville spring snaps over when pressure is applied and snaps back on pressure release.

The 316 stainless steel enclosure and hermetically sealed switch provide rugged protection from the environment. The easily accessible adjustment wheel allows in-line field settings. A 1 Amp switch is available for use in intrinsically safe circuits. Approved for use in hazardous locations worldwide, the 12 Series is installed within applications ranging from offshore oil rigs to rotating equipment, and more.

Key Specifications

  • Adjustable Range -130° to 650°F
  • Stainless Steel Body, 304 Stainless Steel Bulb and Capillary
  • Ambient Temperature Compensation
  • Mount Up to 50 Feet Away With Extra Length Capillary
  • Single SPDT Switch Output, Two SPDT for DPDT Action
  • UL, cUL, and CENELEC Approvals for Use In Division 1 or Zone 1 Hazardous Environments

Supporting Documentation
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Type Description Size
Lesman switch catalog PDF Lesman Catalog Section: Pressure and Temperature Switches 1.6MB
UE Switch PDF United Electric Switches Application Datasheet Faxback Form 16KB
UE Choosing a Mechanical Switch PDF United Electric's Guide to Choosing a Mechanical Switch 136KB
UE United Electric Spectra 12 PDF United Electric Spectra 12 Vibration-Resistant Compact Mechanical Switch Specification Bulletin 4.4MB
UE United Electric Spectra 12 PDF United Electric Spectra 12 Mechanical Temperature Switch Installation and Maintenance Guide 396KB

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