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United Electric (UE) One Series Electronic Pressure and Temperature Switches

United Electric's One Series electronic switch platform for threshold detection and switching is the only field device of its kind that is able to diagnose and report its own health and status. One Series pressure, temperature, and differential pressure switches are designed for critical alarm and shutdown applications in harsh, hazardous environments.

Available in Type 4X enclosures for explosion-proof and non-incendive area classifications (shown here), these switches are designed to provide protection for plants, capital equipment, and people. With a digital process display and available 4-20 mA output, the One Series can provide the functions of a switch, a gauge, and a transmitter with only one connection to the process.

Key Specifications

  • Adjustable Ranges: Pressure 0 to 6000 PSI, Temperature -50° to 1000°F, Differential Pressure 0 to 200 PSID
  • Continuous Local and Remote Diagnostics with  "I Am Working" and "I Have Switched" Status Signal Indication
  • Discrete Input, Loop, or External Powered Options
  • Real-Time Local Display of Process Variable
  • Setpoint and Deadband Adjustable Up to Full Operating Range
  • Models Available with Non-Incendive or Explosion-Proof/Flame-Proof Approvals
  • Need a transmitter/switch for functional safety applications?
    See the UE One Series Safety Transmitter

Supporting Documentation
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Type Description Size
Adobe PDF Lesman Catalog Section: Pressure and Temperature Switches 1.6MB
Adobe PDF United Electric Switches Application Datasheet Faxback Form 16KB
Adobe PDF I&CS Magazine: New Breed of Electronic Switch Fills Gap in Safety Instrumented Systems 186KB
Adobe PDF United Electric One Series Electronic Pressure and Temperature Switches Specifications Bulletin 2.0MB
Adobe PDF UE One Series Electronic Switches Installation and Maintenance Instructions (Non-Incendive Models) 1.7MB
Adobe PDF UE One Series Switches Installation and Maintenance Guide (Flame-Proof/Explosion-Proof Models) 2.3MB
Adobe PDF United Electric One Series Switches: Wiring Made Simple 131KB
Web Link Article Reprint: Digital Switches with Self-Diagnostics Can Improve Results and Ease the Implementation of Safety Systems  

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