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Siemens Milltronics MultiRanger 100/200 Ultrasonic Level Transceiver System

Siemens Milltronics MultiRanger is a versatile short to medium-range ultrasonic single and multi-vessel level monitor and controller for use in a wide range of industries and applications. Using the MultiRanger, you can easily monitor the level or volume of bulk solids and liquids in heights of 48 feet, in virtually any vessel, with an accuracy of 0.25% or better and a resolution of 0.1% of range. It monitors open channel flow, determines actual lift station throughput, controls as many as five pumps in wet wells, and can measure and control the differential between two levels.

The MultiRanger 100/200 are still available, but a newer version has been released. See the Siemens MultiRanger 200 HMI for the latest technology.

Key Specifications

  • Shortest minimum range... Adjustable blanking distance as short as 12"
  • MultiRanger 100: Single point monitoring for level measurement, simple pump control, and level alarm functions
  • MultiRanger 200: Dual point monitoring for level, volume and flow measurements in open channels, differential control, extended pump control and alarm functions
  • Automatic False-Echo Suppression helps tune the transceiver to avoid echoes caused by fixed obstructions in the tank
  • Digital input for back-up level overide from point level device
  • Modbus RTU communication standard via RS-485 port
  • Compatible with SmartLinx system and SIMATIC PDM configuration software, and Echomax ultrasonic transducers
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Supporting Documentation
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Type Description Size
Milltronics Level PDF Level Application Datasheet Faxback Form 18KB
Lesman Catalog PDF Lesman Catalog Section: Level Measurement and Control Instruments 5.1MB
Milltronics Multiranger PDF Siemens Milltronics MultiRanger Configuration Worksheet 13KB
Milltronics MultiRanger PDF Siemens Milltronics MultiRanger 100/200 Brochure 105KB
Milltronics MultiRanger PDF Siemens Milltronics MultiRanger 100/200 Specifications 259KB
Milltronics MultiRanger PDF Siemens Milltronics MultiRanger 100/200 Instruction Manual 2.1MB
Milltronics MultiRanger PDF Siemens Milltronics MultiRanger 100/200 Quick Start Guide 206KB
Milltronics Multiranger 200 PDF Application Guide: Configuring the MultiRanger 200 for Open Channel Flow 69KB
Milltronics Multiranger PDF Siemens Panel Cutout Template for Multiranger 100-200 and Hydroranger 200 Models 17KB
Siemens Video File Video: Using Siemens Multiranger 200 for Open Channel Flow Monitoring 10:07

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