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Lesman Air Bubbler Systems for Liquid Level Measurement

Are bubbler systems still viable for measuring liquid level? Yes, they are. And Lesman can build one for you.

A bubbler system in an inexpensive yet accurate way to measure the fluid level in open or vented containers. A complete bubbler level measurement system consists of a source of compressed air, an air flow restrictor, sensing tube, and pressure transmitter.

Air bubbler systems contain no moving parts, making them suitable for measuring the level of water, viscous fluids, liquids with large quantities of suspended solids, slurries, sewage, drainage water and sludge. The only part of the sensor that contacts the liquid is a dip tube that is chemically compatible with the material being measured. Since the point of measurement has no electrical components, the technique is a good choice for most fluids and especially good for fluids classified as hazardous.

What makes the bubbler more safe is that the system controls are located outside the tank in a separate enclosure with only the pneumatic plumbing running to the tank, isolating the hazardous from the safe area.

Key Specifications

  • NEMA 4/12 panel with hinged door, sub-panel, heater/thermostat and wall-mount flange bracket kit
  • Air supply regulator with 0-60 PSIG output
  • 0.3 micron coalescing filter (replaceable element)
  • HART®-compatible pressure transmitter with general purpose approval, configured for level
  • Six-digit digital level indicator with two Form C relays and 4-20 mA output
  • Constant differential relay for air flow volumetric rate with indicating rotameter
  • Nylon tubing and brass push-to-connect fittings inside the panel, compression fitting buklhead connections for air and bubbler supply
  • Air purge for purging diptube, controlled by manual pushbutton
  • Order your level bubbler system online.

Supporting Documentation
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Type Description Size
Lesman Catalog PDF Lesman Catalog Page: Lesman Bubbler System for Liquid Level Measurement 190KB
Bubbler system diagram and specific gravities Lesman Bubbler System Diagram and Level Calculation Tips 133KB
Siemens Bubbler Theory 101 Bubbler Theory 101: Air Bubblers for Liquid Level Measurement 195KB
Lesman Bubbler System Engineering Specification Engineering Specification Submittal for Lesman Bubbler System 140KB

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