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Precision Digital Large Display Process Meters

It's hard to miss the large meter PD650's 2.3"-tall display (top) as it monitors your process loops on a busy industrial plant floor. Whether it's level, pressure, temperature, flow rate, or total, this rugged meter does it all. The PD655 (front left) process meter has a 1.0" LED housed in a durable polycarbonate enclosure. The PD656 (front right) large display explosion-proof meter with a 0.8" LED, housed in a rugged sand-cast aluminum enclosure, is perfect for environments where you previously needed a separate enclosure. 

Key Specifications

  • Enhanced 4-1/2 Digit Plus Extra Zero Display for Process Rate
  • Full Six-Digit Display for Total
  • Field Selectable mA and V Inputs
  • Easy Single Button Scaling (One Button Does It All!)
  • Two or Four Relays and 4-20 mA Output Options
  • Field Selectable 115 or 230 VAC Power
  • Two 24 VDC Isolated Power Supplies

Supporting Documentation
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Type Description Size
Lesman PDF Lesman Catalog Section: Digital Indicators 1.6MB
Precision Digital PD650-PD655-PD656 PDF Precision Digital Large Display Process Meter Specification 1.7MB
Precision Digital PD650 PDF Precision Digital PD650 (2.3" LED) Operation Manual 1.1MB
Precision Digital PD655 PDF Precision Digital PD655 (1.0" LED, NEMA 4X) Operation Manual 1.3MB
Precision Digital PD656 PDF Precision Digital PD656 (0.8" LED, Explosion-Proof) Operation Manual 1.4MB

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