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Honeywell HC900 Process and Safety System

Perform loop control and logic control functions from one system with the new Honeywell HC900. One configuration software package manages the system, and you won't have to work with Ethernet bridge cards or peripherals to get your controller onto your LAN.

The HC900 combines analog process control, logic control, sequence control, batch programming, and data management all in a single integrated package. Read the Application Notes, Product Notes, and Honeywell Tips

Key Specifications

  • Now Available with Redundant Control and Redundant Power
  • PID Control with advanced Accutune III auto-tuning
  • Up to 1920 points with remote I/O; New I/O voting and output validation function blocks
  • Up to 960 galvanically Isolated, Analog Inputs
  • Adjustable recipe pool memory lets you allocate memory for recipes, SP Profiles, sequences and schedules to meet your needs
  • Graphic function block configuration — 400, 2000 or 5000 blocks
  • Advanced floating point math functions, extensive alarm and event monitoring
  • Boolean logic programming. Robust assortment of more than 100 algorithms
  • Open 10MB or 10/100MB Ethernet interface using Modbus/TCP; Peer-to-peer communications via Ethernet
  • Fast updates — fast scan rate — analog: 100mS, discrete: 10mS
  • Gas flow function blocks per American Gas Association specs (non-Safety configurations only)
  • Non-interfering process/safety worksheets capable of handling process and safety configurations
  • For Compatible Operator Interface, See the Honeywell 900 Control Station

Model Selection Guide

Use this table to find the right model for your application.  Don't see the option you need? Call a Lesman sales specialist at 800-953-7626

Description Catalog Number
32 Loop Controller CPU, CD (Config Software, PDF Manual) 900C51-0244-00
32 Loop Controller CPU (No Software or Manual) 900C52-0244-00
8 Loop Controller CPU with CD (Config Software, PDF Manual) 900C31-0244-00
8 Loop Controller CPU (No Software or Manual) 900C32-0244-00
I/O Scanner for Remote Rack 900C53-0244-00
Controller, Redundant Networking (Software, PDF Manual) 900C71-0144-00
Controller, Redundant Networking (No SW or Manual) 900C72-0144-00
Controller, Redundant CPU/Networking (SW, PDF Manual) 900C71R-0100-44
Controller, Redundant CPU/Networking (No SW, PDF Manual) 900C72R-0100-44
Software: HC Designer Configuration Software CD 900W01-0044-44
Power Supply 120/240 VAC, 60W 900P01-0001
120/240 VAC, 48W 900P02-0001
240 VDC, 60W 900P24-0001
I/O Board
[Channels per Card]
Analog Inputs (128 Points Max) [8] 900A01-0102
High Level Analog Inputs (mA or V) [16] 900A16-0001
Analog Outputs (64 Points Max) [4] 900B01-0101
Pulse/Frequency/Quadrature Module [4] 900K01-0001
Digital Inputs, Contact [16] 900G01-0102
Digital Inputs, 24 VDC [16] 900G02-0102
Digital Inputs, 24 VDC [32] 900G32-0001
Digital Inputs, 120/240 VAC [16] 900G03-0102
Digital Outputs, Relay [16] 900H01-0102
Digital Outputs, 24 VDC [8] 900H02-0102
Digital Outputs, 24 VDC [32] 900H32-0001
Digital Outputs, 120/240 VAC [8] 900H03-0102
Terminal Block Type (Select Euro or Barrier Style, Matched to Appropriate I/O Board) (Note 3)
Euro Style Low Voltage 36-Terminal for 32 I/O Boards 900TCK-0001
Analog Inputs (128 Max) 900TEK-0001
Analog Outputs (64 Max) 900TEK-0001
Digital Inputs, Contact 900TEK-0001
Digital Inputs, 24 VDC 900TEK-0001
Digital Inputs 120/240 VAC 900TER-0001
Digital Outputs, Relay 900TER-0001
Digital Outputs, 24 VDC 900TEK-0001
Digital Outputs, 120/240 VAC 900TER-0001
Barrier Style Analog Inputs (128 Max) 900TBK-0001
Analog Outputs (64 Max) 900TBK-0001
Digital Inputs, Contact 900TBK-0001
Digital Inputs, 24 VDC 900TBK-0001
Digital Inputs 120/240 VAC 900TBR-0001
Digital Outputs, Relay 900TBR-0001
Digital Outputs, 24 VDC 900TBK-0001
Digital Outputs, 120/240 VAC 900TBR-0001
Rack Type
(5 Racks Maximum)
I/O Scanner, 2-Port (1 per I/O Rack) 900C73R-0100-44
4 I/O Slots per Rack 900R04-0001
8 I/O Slots per Rack 900R08-0101
12 I/O Slots per Rack 900R12-0101
8 I/O Slots per Rack, Redundant Power 900R08R-0101
12 I/O Slots per Rack, Redundant Power 900R12R-0101
Redundant CPU Rack 900RR0-0001
Redundant Switch Module 900RSM-0001
Redundant Power Status Module 900PSM-0001
Software and
Manuals (Note 1)
HC Designer Configuration Software CD 900W01-0044-44
HC Utilities Software/Documentation CD 900W02-0044-44
Full Documentation Set on CD 900ME1-0044-44
Full Documentation, Printed 900ME2-0044-44
Terminal Board
I/O Filler Block Terminal Cover (Note 3) 900TNF-0001
2-Pack Shield Terminal Strip 900TSS-0001
10-Pack Two-Position Terminal Board Jumpers 900J02-0001
10-Pack Ten-Position Terminal Board Jumpers 900J10-0001

(1) Operation manuals and Hybrid Control Designer software are included with CPUs 900C51-0001 and 900C31-0001. Order software or CD manual only if you did NOT order one of these two models.
(2) One 250-ohm resistor required for each mA input.
(3) Honeywell recommends that all unused I/O slots are covered. Order one cover (900TNF-0001) per unused slot.


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