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CAL Controls CAL9400 1/16 DIN PID Temperature Controller

CAL Controls CAL9400 1/16 DIN digital temperature controller with CALComms serial communication system, fits almost any PID control application. A one-shot Autotune algorithm helps automate system startup and maintain good control over a wide range of process conditions. The CAL9400 features a two-line digital display in red and green.

Key Specifications

  • 1/16 DIN PID Controller with Dual 4-Digit Displays
  • 5 Alarm Configurations with Latch and Sequence Feature
  • Ramp/Soak Single Segment Programmer
  • Relay or Solid State Dual Output Device Options
  • CE-Compliant, IP66/NEMA4 Faceplate
  • Compatible with CALComms Communication Software

Specifications, Manuals, and Supporting Literature

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    • Lesman Catalog Section on Controllers and Programmers
    • 3.0MB
    • Lesman Catalog Section on Controllers and Programmers
    • CAL Controls CAL9400 PID temperature controller brochure
    • 406KB
    • CAL Controls CAL9400 PID Temperature Controller Brochure
    • CAL Controls CAL9400 PID temperature controller user manual
    • 309KB
    • CAL Controls CAL9400 1/16 DIN Single Loop PID Temperature Controller User Manual

Model Selection Guide

Use this table to find the right model for your application. Click the model number to order in our secure online store.

1/16 DIN temperature controller, dual line display 94-
Output2 Amp Solid State Driver, 1 Relay
2 Amp Relay, 1 Amp Relay
Two 2 Amp Solid State Drivers
Power and
110-240 VAC, No Communications
12-24 VDC, No Communications
100-240 VAC, RS-232 Communications
100-240 VAC, RS-485 Communications


Don't forget these CAL controller accessories

  • PCB RS-232 Communications Module [PN 3C0000200]
  • CALComms™ Software and Manual [PN 1001GB300]
  • 1-Ohm Resistor for 4-20 mA Inputs [PN 071110]
  • Quench Arc Snubber for Relay Outputs [PN 070001]
  • CAL Controls 1/4 DIN to 1/16 DIN Panel Adapter [904400]