Kromschroder ZMI Ionization Pilot for Industrial Gas Burners

The Kromschroder ZMI ionization pilot can be used to automatically ignite and control industrial clean gas burners. It is compatible with Kromschroder burner control unit BCU, IFD, or PFU 760.K1 and ignition transformers TZI or TGI.

The ZMI can also be used as an independently operated burner. It's suitable for operation with natural gas, town gas/coke oven gas, or LPG. The pilot burner is ignited electronically and monitored by a single ignition and ionization electrode.

Key Specifications

  • Applications in the metal, ceramics, and non-ferrous metal industries, and on heat treatment installations.
  • ZMI 16 Capacity: 2800 - 4800 Btu/hr (0.8 - 1.4 kW)
  • ZMI 25 Capacity: 4000 - 11500 Btu/hr (1.2 - 3.4 kW)
  • Features a single electrode for ignition and control

Supporting Documentation
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Type Description Size
Lesman Combustion and Flame Safety Solutions Catalog Lesman Combustion and Flame Safety Solutions Catalog 3.7MB
Kromschroder ZMI ionization pilot brochure Kromschroder ZMI Ionization Pilot Brochure 384KB
Kromschroder ZMI Ionization Pilot Operating Manual Kromschroder ZMI Ionization Pilot Installation Guide 1.0MB
Kromschroder ZMI ionization pilot user manual Kromschroder ZMI Ionization Pilot User Manual 1.6MB

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