Kromschroder IFW 15T-N Flame Relay for Multiburner Control Applications

Developed to effectively detect and signal existing flame using a flame rod or UV detector, Kromschroder's IFW-15T flame relay can be added to an IFS110IM automatic burner control for multiburner applications. It can also be used independently in environments where a fully automatic control is not needed.

Key Specifications

  • Features potential-free contacts and an integrated ON lamp
  • Add to IFS 110IM for use in multiburner control applications
  • Lets your PLC know when flame is present
  • Output Voltage for Ionization Sensor: 220 VAC
  • FM approved

Supporting Documentation
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Type Description Size
Lesman Combustion and Flame Safety Solutions Catalog Lesman Combustion and Flame Safety Solutions Catalog 3.7MB
Kromschroder IFW-15T specification datasheet Kromschroder IFW-15T Flame Relay Specification Datasheet 246KB
Kromschroder IFW-15T operating manual Kromschroder IFW-15T Flame Relay Operation Manual 802KB

Last Ed. Date: 08/24/2017 04:55 PM