Kromschroder VSBV Safety Relief Valve

The Kromschroder VSBV safety relief valve reduces temporary pressure surges in the controlled system. When pressure builds upstream of the burners, the VSBV will purge this extra pressure to keep the JSAV safety shut-off valve from being activated unintentionally. It will also reduce temporary pressure surges caused by fluctuations in the system operation downstream, or a too-high pressure increase caused by gas creeps that result from gas pressure regulators that are not tight-closing.

The VSBV is specified for gas pressure regulating plants with inlet pressures greater than 100 mbar. It is suitable for air, technical combustion gas according to the DVGW G 260/I, biogas, and gas produced at trash plants.

Key Specifications

  • Gas types: natural gas, town gas, landfill gas, LP gas and biologically produced methane (0.02%/vol H2S)
  • Inlet pressure range up to 60 PSIG (4 bar)
  • Opening pressure range 8" WC to 8.0 PSIG
  • Aluminum valve housing, seat, and stem, NBR valve disk and Perbunan diaphgram
  • CE certified models available
  • Required for use with JSAV overpressure shut-off valve

Supporting Documentation
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