Kromschroder VGBF Gas Pressure Regulator

Kromschroder’s VGBF spring-loaded gas pressure regulator is designed for use in gas inlet sections in the iron, steel, glass, and ceramic industries, as well as in commercial heat generation in packaging, paper, and food manufacturing.

It features an inlet pressure compensation diaphragm and zero shutoff to maintain a set outlet pressure constant, even with changing flow rates and inlet pressures in gas pipelines. The addition of an internal safety diaphragm eliminates the need for a purge line.

Key Specifications

  • For natural gas, town gas, LP gas, and biologically produced methane (max 0.02%/v H2S); air model also available
  • Inlet pressure up to 60 PSIG
  • Outlet pressure ranges up to 350 mbar
  • Internal safety diaphragm
  • Inlet pressure compensation and zero shut-off
  • Aluminum valve housing, seat, and stem, Perbunan diaphragm and valve disc (Viton optional)
  • Available with threaded and flanged process connections

Supporting Documentation
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