Kromschroder VAD valVario Series Gas Pressure Regulator with Built-in Solenoid Valve

The Kromschroder VAD is an all-purpose servo regulator for high accuracy shut off and control of the gas supply to burners and gas appliances. It maintains the set gas outlet pressure constant when subjected to differing flow rates. It can be used in line with a second gas solenoid valve upstream to comply with EN 746-2 requirements.

The VAD is a Class A, constant pressure governor and is used for excess air burners, atmospheric burners and single-stage forced air burners. It is commonly used in the iron, steel, ceramics, domestic and commercial heat generation, packaging, paper and food industries.

Key Specifications

  • All-purpose servo regulator with integrated solenoid safety valve
  • 500 mbar maximum inlet pressure
  • Pressure preset via setpoint spring
  • Quick opening <0.5 seconds, closes in <1 second
  • IP65-rated aluminum valve enclosure, NBR valve seal
  • FM, CSA and AGA approved

Supporting Documentation
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