Kromschroder MB 7 Solenoid Actuator for BVHM Butterfly Valves

When used with Kromschroder’s BVHM butterfly valve, the MB7 can be used for staged control of industrial installations in cold or hot air operating modes. Air volumes for low and high fire can be controlled independently.

The MB 7 solenoid actuator indicated the position of the butterfly valve disc. The solenoid actuator’s high operating cycle capacity makes the BVHM is suitable for intermittent operation.

Key Specifications

  • For gas, air, hot air, and flue gas
  • Available as quick open and close, slow open and close (for high/low control), or slow open, quick close (for on/off control)
  • Low leakage and pressure loss
  • Burner output adjustment by integrated air volume control for minimum and maximum flow rate
  • Simple installation using fastening set
  • FM approved research class 7400 safety overpressure slam shutoff valve
  • Designed for applications according to NFPA 85 and NFPA 86

Supporting Documentation
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