Kromschroder JSAV Overpressure Shut-off Valve

The Kromschroder JSAV is an overpressure shut-off valve used to protect against high pressure for valves downstream from a gas regulator. If downstream pressure exceeds the spring setpoint of the overpressure shut-off valve, the gas supply is automatically shut off.

The JSAV is suitable for natural gas, clean coke oven gas, LP gas, and biologically produced methane (max. 0.02%/v H2S). It must be paired with a VSBV safety relief valve to function properly. Its gas media must be dry and free of condensate in all temperature conditions.

Key Specifications

  • For compliance to EN 746-2 when installed with gas pressure regulators
  • For positive pressure with overpressure shutoff
  • Smaller sizes available with under-pressure shutoff and no purge line required
  • Aluminum or cast iron body (depending on valve size), NBR diaphragm, aluminum valve seat, stainless steel valve stem; steel or aluminum valve disc with vulcanized NBR seal
  • CE certified models available

Supporting Documentation
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