Kromschroder GIKH Variable Gas/Air Ratio Regulator

The Kromschroder GIKH variable gas:air ratio regulator provides precise, repeatable control on preheated air combustion systems where air density is affected by temperature changes. It can be used as a direct gas pressure controller, a loading signal generator for conventional gas/air ratio regulation, or for cold air combustion systems where the gas pressure is higher than the combustion pressure.

These regulators are suitable for natural, LP gas and clean coke oven or bio-gas. Common applications include use in the iron, steel, glass, ceramics, packaging, paper and food industries.

Key Specifications

  • For natural gas, town gas, LP gas, and biologically produced methane. Special version available for air
  • Inlet pressures to 200 mBar max
  • Maintain constant gas/air ratios on preheated air combustion systems
  • Precise pressure regulation over wide turndown ranges
  • Compensated for varying inlet pressures
  • Aluminum housing, valve seat and stem, NBR diaphragm and valve disc seal, plastic valve disc, and brass bypass screw
  • Long life, low maintenance

Supporting Documentation
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