Kromschroder GIK Gas/Air Ratio Regulator

The Kromschroder GIK regulators regulate fuel:air ratios for nozzle mix and premix burner systems. They maintain a constant gas/air ratio and control the gas pressure upstream of gas burners in systems without preheated combustion air. They are designed with precise internal tolerances and provide accurate, repeatable pressure tracking of your burner system.

GIK regulators are suitable for natural, LP gas and clean, dry bio-gas and are used in gas control lines in the iron, steel, glass and ceramic industries, as well as in packaging, paper and foodstuff industries.

Key Specifications

  • For continuous and staged burner control
  • Zero regulator operation for premix burners
  • Inlet pressure compensation diaphragm ensures high control accuracy
  • Balanced double diaphragm design
  • Valve seat design for consistent low-fire repeatability
  • Air controlling models available
  • CE type-tested and certified

Supporting Documentation
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