Kromschroder GDJ Spring-Loaded Gas Pressure Regulator

Kromschroder’s GDJ gas pressure regulator is used for controlling gas pressure of furnace ovens and other gas-consuming appliances that burn natural gas, LP gas, or clean biogases (methane, H2S 0.02%/vol max.). The GDJ can also be used for air. The spring-loaded regulator in inlet pressure compensation diaphragm and zero shutoff maintains the set outlet pressure constant, even with changing flow rates and inlet pressures in gas pipelines.

An additional safety diaphragm eliminates the need for a breather line. The GJD can be installed with its spring dome pointing vertically upward to the side, but not upside down. To comply with EN 746-2, a safety shutoff valve, like the Kromschroder JSAV, must be installed upstream of the GDJ gas pressure regulator.

Key Specifications

  • Universal pressure regulator for gaseous media
  • 5 PSIG maximum inlet pressure
  • 10:1 control range
  • Aluminum valve housing and seat, plastic valve disc, Perbunan disc seal and diaphragms
  • CSA approved, CE type-tested and certified

Supporting Documentation
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