Kromschroder DL Pressure Switch for Gas Applications

The Kromschroder DL pressure switch provides accurate, reliable monitoring of air pressure for industrial and commercial combustion systems, boilers, and HVAC systems. The DL can be used as a positive pressure switch, vacuum sensor or as a differential pressure switch for air, flue gas and other non-aggressive gases. It monitors extremely low pressure differentials and is not suitable for fuel gases.

The DL triggers switch-on, switch-off or switch-over if a set switching point is reached. The switching point can be adjusted by a hand wheel or an adjusting screw.

Key Specifications

  • Pressure ranges from 0.08" to 20" WC (0.2 to 50 mbar)
  • Includes one Form C switch contact
  • EC type-tested and certified (DIN EN 1854)
  • Screw terminals or AMP plugs for electrical connections
  • Red or blue pilot lamps, red-green LED optional for indicating switching status
  • FM and UL approved
  • Certified pursuant to GOST-R

Supporting Documentation
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